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   America's Story
Includes topics such as:  Meet Amazing Americans (biographies), Jump Back In Time, Explore the States, & Join America at Play.
   Anatomy of a Murder
A trip through our nation's justice system.   Puts students in the middle of the action of a criminal murder trial.  Includes the introduction, the story, relevant Supreme Court cases, a glossary, actual documents pertinent to the case, and links to other sites.
   American President
Explore the White House and participate in online activities.
   Archiving Early America
You can find images of historical documents, solve an interactive crossword puzzle, read the Early American Review, & participate in a "Town Crier" online forum.
   Civics Online.
Many resources for Civics subjects.
   Clinton Years.
Told from inside the presidency, PBS presents a look at the Clinton Era.
   Civics & Government Online.
Comprehensive site on information for civics and government.
   Celebration of the Life & Times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Activities and projects to explore the life and times of Dr. King.

   Constitutional Rights Foundation
Dedicated to educating students about the importance of civic participation.  Includes a series of topics such as school violence and impeachment.
   Donner Online
Students learn about a topic by collecting information, images and insights from the internet & then paste them into a multimedia scrapbook to share with others.
   Homework Help
A forum where students can ask questions about history, geography, civics or current events and an online teacher will post a response.
   Horizon - The Learning Section
An online newspaper for students published by the Washington Post.  Includes articles, interactive quizzes and puzzles.
   Library of Congress
Contains lists of exhibitions, events, and tells you how to find information in the Library of Congress.
   Museum Mania
Students use the web to find answers to questions which will unlock the Museum Maniatreasure Chest.
   Name That Flag
Contest for students to try to identify the country or state that corresponds to the flags.
   Presidents of the U.S.
Extensive biographical information, text of presidential speeches, and more.
   Professor Arthur Miller's Courtroom Challenge
Real landmark cases are presented that were decided by the Supreme Court.  Study the facts, research the law, consider various arguments, and then decide the case or argue one side or the other.  Students are told how the real cases came out -- but not until they have made up their minds about what they think should have happened.
   The White House
Explore the White House, take a Constitutional Quiz, and fill in a crossword puzzle.
   United Nations
Take a virtual tour of the U.N. and gather much information and resources regarding its history, functions, and more.
   U.S. Congress.
Contact the U.S. Congress.
   Government Information Sharing Project
   Congressional Contact Web Site
   U.S. Federal Officials
   Heads of State in all Countries of the World
   Constitutions of the World
At this site, students can enter their zip code to find out who their government representatives are at the local, state & federal levels.
   Users Guide to the Declaration of Independence
  History of American Political Parties
Traces origins of political parties in the U.S. back to the 18th century.




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