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ball_ani.gif   Library of Congress.  
Contains lists of exhibitions, events, and tells you how to find information in the Library of Congress.
ball_ani.gif   Civics Online.
Provides teachers, students and parents with an array of multi-media source materials, learning tools and professional development resources.
ball_ani.gif   Clinton Years.
Told from inside the Presidency, a look at the Clinton era.
ball_ani.gif   Presidents of the United States.
Biographical information, presidents' speeches, educational background and actions
ball_ani.gif   The White House
Explore the White House, fill in a crossword puzzle, & take a Constitutional Quiz.
ball_ani.gif   America's Story
Includes topics such as:  Meet Amazing Americans (biographies), Jump Back In Time, Explore the States, and Join America At Play.
ball_ani.gif   Professor Arthur Miller's Courtroom Challenge
Real landmark cases are presented that were decided by the Supreme Court.  Study and explore the facts, research the law, consider various arguments, and then decide the case or argue one side or the other.  Students are told how the real cases came out  --  but not until they have made up their minds about what should have happened.
ball_ani.gif   Civics Jeopardy Review
Use as a semester review; rules are provided at the site.
ball_ani.gif   Anatomy of a Murder
A trip through our nation's justice system.  Puts students in the middle of the action of a criminal murder trial.  Includes introduction, the story, relevant Supreme Court cases, a glossary, actual documents pertinent to the case and links to other sites.
ball_ani.gif   Constitutional Rights Foundation
Dedicated to educating students about the importance of civic participation.  Includes a series of topics such as school violence and impeachment.
ball_ani.gif   Congressional Contact Web Site
ball_ani.gif   U.S. Federal Officials
ball_ani.gif   Heads of State in all Countries of the World
ball_ani.gif   Constitutions of the World
ball_ani.gif   Ezgov
ball_ani.gif   National Constitution Center
ball_ani.gif   Immigration & Naturalization Service
ball_ani.gif   Civil Rights Movement
ball_ani.gif   User's Guide to the Declaration of Independence
ball_ani.gif   Look Who's Footing the Bill