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Black History Museum
Interactive exhibits for grades 8-12.

Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum
Provides much information about these contests that are the forerunners of our modern Olympic games.

Best Web Museums & Tours
15 of the best Web museums and tours.

Boston's Freedom Trail
Takes you through almost three centuries of Boston's colonial and revolutionary history.

California's Gold Rush: A Virtual Tour
Features historic sites.

Castle of King Edward
Virtual tour of the medieval castle explaining its history, architecture, culture and much more.

Castles on the Web
Castle tours & a glossary of castle terms.

Centennial Exhibition: Philadelphia 1876
Activities for middle school & high school students.

Colonial Lexington
Includes links to the battle, colonial life and crafts, important people, historic homes, Paul Revere's Ride and more.

Colonial Williamsburg
Experience colonial life by exploring the trades, politics & other aspects of 18th-century living.

Tour of Egypt
Tour an exhibit of Egyptian sites from Abu Simbel to Luxor.

Diego Rivera Virtual Museum
Gallery, murals, biography and links relating to the great Mexican muralist.

Electronic Samurai
Images of Japan, China & Mongolia.

Frederick Douglas Museum
Historic photographs, chronicling the life of Frederick Douglas.

Great War
Provides links to a variety of resources dealing with WWI.

Japanese American Internment Experience Online Exhibit
Depicts the internment camp life of many local Santa Clara Valley Japanese-Americans who were interned.

Creation of the Panama Canal
Contains pictures, text and information about who the main players were and how the difficult terrain and climate affected both the people and machines involved in this engineering project.

Mexico - Splendors of Thirty Centuries
Interactive access to articles and images about the art and culture of Mexico.

Museum Page
List of art museums throughout the world with collections on the Internet.

Mysterious Places
Virtual tours of Stonehenge, Easter Island, Ancient Americas, Egypt & other locales that were home to ancient civilizations.

Nazi Olympics: 1936 Berlin
Online version of an exhibition created by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Pilgrim Hall
Contains lots of information about the Pilgrims.

You can wander through the chambers and passageways of the Great Pyramid and learn about the pharaohs.

Transports students back to a time of great discovery.

Smithsonian Institute
You can spend a lifetime browsing this site.

Tower of London Virtual Tour
A tour of the Tower of London along with its history and related links.

Vatican Exhibit
An exhibit of the Library of Congress

Virtual Tour of the U.S. Capitol
Tour of the U.S. Capitol room by room, or wander on your own via the help of an electronic tour map.

World War II Propaganda Posters

A collection of posters from all periods of the War.

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