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How Stuff Works

If you need to investigate how anything works, then look at this site.

Internet Public Library Reference Center
Attempts to serve the public by finding, evaluating, selecting, organizing, describing & creating quality information resources.

Martindale's Reference Desk
A subject oriented index of internet sites which is well organized.

Online Reference System
Subject index of the best web sites  & is based on the dewey decimal system.

Pulitzer Prizes
Winners are listed and you can find the entry forms and application guidelines.

Ready Reference
Full-text resources/data suitable for ready-reference are here.

Database is organized into topic areas.

Study Web
Links to a variety of resources to help a student.

Virtual Reference Library
Provides access to reference sources arranged by categories.

WWW Virtual Library
A subject catalogue to the resources available on the World Wide Web - this is a good starting point.

A guide to internet resources.

Biographical Dictionary
This dictionary contains information on over 28,000 people from ancient times to the present day.

Searchable database of over 15,000 famous people.

Today's Calendar & Clock Page
This site provides various calendars used all over the world, calendar converters & holidays.

AltaVista Translation Service
You can translate from English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish, or from those languages back to English.

Language Dictionaries & Translators
Site includes online dictionaries, multilingual dictionaries, online translation, language software, free online courses and language chat sites.

Web of Online Dictionaries
One of the best collections of links to dictionaries.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913


Compton's Encyclopedia

Encarta Online Concise Encyclopedia

Centralized directory of periodical listings with publisher links.

Where the Wild Things Are
This site attempts to organize web sites by major fields of study - there is also a section called Sites for Librarians.

WWW Acronym & Abbreviation Server
If you are trying to find out what an acronym or abbreviation stands for then investigate this site.

Look for symbols using the Word Index or by the Graphic Index.  Articles briefly discuss the history & meaning of the symbols.