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Located in this Gallery's 9 anterooms you will find graphics available for use on your own website.


Most of the graphics are in ".gif" format.  Many of them are animations.  Although there are not many graphics, perhaps you will find something you can use.  Hopefully I will add to them in the near future.   Click on the Anteroom below:


Anteroom 1:  Buttons 

Anteroom 2:  Animals 

Anteroom 3:  Smilies

Anteroom 4:  Dividers, Banners & E-mail Icons

Anteroom 5:  Welcome Signs, Clocks, etc.

Anteroom 6:  Arrows

Anteroom 7:  Holidays and Neon Lights

Anteroom 8:  Aliens, Stars and Planets

Anteroom 9:  More Animals & Accents