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Information On Colleges & Universities

    American Universities   Links to colleges & universities in the U.S.  Listed alphabetically.


    CollegeNet     Links to college web sites with access to financial aid & scholarship information.


    CollegeQuest     Includes college search engine based on user's personality, with links to web sites of   chosen schools.  Contains "E-Apply" which allows you to complete a standardized college application form & submit it to participating colleges.


    Colleges & Careers Center     Site by U.S. News & World Report is organized into 4 sections.  One deals with choosing a college and lists their annual rankings.  The second covers picking graduate schools, exploring careers & top jobs.  The next section deals with financial aid, and the last one with items of interest to students.


    Community College Web    This site allows you to search for 2-year post-secondary institutions located in the U.S..  You can search alphabetically, geographically or using key words.


    Peterson's Education Center    This site helps you search for colleges and universities.  There is a section on how to write college application essays.


    College & University Rankings    Links to various sites which provide statistical and reputational rankings of colleges.


    MatchMaker    Customizable database allows you to search for U.S. colleges & universities ranked by factors from which you choose.


    Colleges/Universities    This site assists in finding the right college or university and scholarships.


Financial Aid & Scholarship Sites

    fastWEB    This site lists itself as the internet's largest free scholarship search.  You can create a profile and set up a mailbox so you can come back to check for updates on scholarships.


    College Opportunities Online    Presents information on college prices, financial aid, enrollment and types of programs offered.


    FinAid    Large site which provides access to a wide variety of financial aid resources.


    Student Guide to Financial Aid    You can find information about obtaining financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education.


    Grants & Scholarships    Links to grants and scholarship information.


    Nonprofit Gateway    Provides access to U.S. government web sites related to grants, budgets and volunteerism.