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   America's Story
Library of Congress site which includes:  Meet Amazing Americans (bios), Jump Back in Time Explore the States & more.
   Archiving America
Images of historical documents, solve interactive crossword puzzle, read the Early American Review & participate in a "Town Crier" online forum.
   Holocaust:  A Tragic Legacy
Interactive site includes a summary of the Holocaust, See a Camp, Interactive Timeline, Survivors Stories, Quizzes and a Wall of Remembrance where students can submit their thoughts, stories & artwork.
   WWII - History Textbooks Project
Students research and compare how events of WWII are treated in various countries' school textbooks through linking with another classroom from that country.
  Nazi Germany Through an Examination of the Holocaust
Online activity requires students to produce a news series on the Holocaust in the context of pressures from neoNazis & others espousing Holocaust denial theories.
   U.S. Holocaust Museum
Teacher's guide & related material for teaching about the Holocaust.
   Horizon - The Learning Section
Online newspaper published by the Washington Post.
   Footsteps to Freedom
The trails followed by fugitive slaves seeking freedom in Canada are retraced.  Daily entries are posted, photos, and reflections will enrich students' understanding of this phase of American history.
   Lewis & Clark
Allows students to join the famous Lewis & Clark expedition.  Their goal is to chart rivers, make friends with natives, open the West to trade & look for a Northwest passage.
   Museum Mania - Online Treasure Hunt
Students use the Web to find answers to questions which will unlock the Museum.
   Oregon Trail
Includes historical sites on the Trail, Fantastic Facts, and Cool Trail Media.
   Spy Letters of the American Revolution
An exhibit based on spy letters.  It provides a brief description of each letter and links more information about the stories of the spies in the letter or the secret method used to make the letter.
   George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate
A visitor's guide, library & collections, educational resources and archeology at Mount Vernon.
   Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Explore eight cultures from the Near East to Medieval Europe.
A collection of epic historical miniseries.  Each tells a story of a great empire - its people & passions that changed the world.
   Gateway to America's Capital
Information about local history, Federal City, the presidents, & importance of the African American community in the U.S. capital.
   A to Z History
Explore ancient history, world history and U.S. history.
   From Revolution to Reconstruction
Covers American history from colonial times to WWI with text, photos & resources.
   Biography of America
Provides resources for high school students studying U.S. History from its origins to contemporary times.
   Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library
Includes 48 Web-based activities and projects for students to complete online.
   Connecting Students:  Internet Activities & Lesson Plans
Lesson plans and activities for students with computers.
   Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
Students learn Taoism on the China page, & find other interesting information about life in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and India.
   Donner Online:  An Internet Activity
Web-based activity in which students learn about a topic by collecting information, images, and insights from the Internet, and then pasting them into a multimedia Scrapbook to share.
   Monticello - Home of Thomas Jefferson
Follow Jefferson through his day or browse an index to find information on a variety of subjects relating to the third president.
   Abraham Lincoln Online
Historic Lincoln sites, resources and pictures, speeches and writings and a Lincoln Quiz of the Month.  Students can also add their views to the online discussion.
   A Walking Tour of Plimoth Plantation
A virtual tour of the first permanent European settlement in southern New England, including pictures and descriptions of how these settlers lived in 1620.


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