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                                                            Mt. Rushmore, located in South Dakota

   History Channel Today in History

    Interactive Atlas of Culture & History

Over 50 maps dealing with Antebellum U.S. & ancient and Medieval Europe.
    Those Were the Days    
Covers the current date and the next with many other links.
    American Cultural History 
Comprehensive discussions of life in each decade of the 20th century.
Created by the Independence Hall In Philadelphia, it contains resources on early American history.
    Making of America 
Library of primary sources in American society from the Antebellum period through Reconstruction.
    Exploring the West From Monticello
Online collection of maps documenting the westward exploration of America.
    Presidential Speeches
Information on the 42 presidents, including speeches & biographies.
    Documenting the American  South

Collection of sources on Southern history, literature & culture from colonial era to first decades  of the 20th century.

   Africans in America

America's journey through slavery presented in four parts.  Resource bank of images, documents,  stories, biographies & commentaries.

    The New Deal Network
Online resources on FDR, the Great Depression and New Deal Programs.

Trinity Bomb Site - online exhibit of the detonation of the 1st atomic bomb, July 16, 1945.

Resources for teachers on the holocaust.
    Holocaust Teacher Resource Center
Curriculum guides, lesson plans, essays & information about conference seminars & courses.
    Holocaust Survivors
Stories of Holocaust survivors.
    Civil War Maps
About 2,400 Civil War maps and charts.
    American Civil War Homepage
Links to hundreds of resources, a comprehensive page of Civil War information.
    Crisis at Fort Sumter

Reconstruction of the dilemmas of policy formation & decision making in the period between Lincoln's election and the battle of Fort Sumter. 

    Death or Liberty

Site examines resistance to slavery in Virginia through discussion of Gabriel's Conspiracy, Nat Turner's Rebellion and Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry.

    Civil War Photographs        Collection of over 1,000 photographs from the Civil War.
    History Happens        Music history videos, puzzles and teacher and student support.

    History/Social Studies Web Site for Teachers

Helps teachers locate and use resources from the Internet in the classroom.
    History Channel        Past comes alive online.
    History Net        The past comes alive on the web.
    National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian
Historical exhibits, research tools, discovery center, educational resources and more.
    HyperHistory Online    Covers 3,000 years of people, events, maps & historical time periods.

    Biographical Dictionary 

Contains biographical information on over 28,000 people from ancient times to the present day  who have shaped our world.

    Korean War    This provides information on the Korean War.
    Native American Sites    Provides links to information about Native Americans.
    Vietnam - Yesterday & Today    Excellent gateway to information on Vietnam.
    Military History    Well organized site; it covers military history throughout the world.
    World War I - Trenches on the Web
This sites links to other useful WWI sites and to a large number of documents and graphic images.
   Afro-American History
  Index of Civil War Information on the Internet
   National Civil Rights Museum
   From Revolution to Reconstruction and What Happened Next
   1492:  An Ongoing Voyage
   Colonial Williamsburg
   American Civil War Page
   The Overland Trail
   The Age of Imperialism
   World War II Page
   Betsy Ross Homepage
   Historic Valley Forge
   Historical Events
   Ellis Island



Summaries of the demographic characteristics of the U.S. population provided by Population Reference Bureau.                               


                                     MapMachine  -  Flags & facts on over 190 countries & maps.


   USGS Learning Web

Activities presented to assist in teaching the concepts of reading maps.


    National Geographic Map Machine

Clickable world map which retrieves country maps, flags and country information.


    Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map 

 Information & more on simple map making.


    Online Map Creation        

Online map creation site let you draw simple maps interactively.


    SPOT Images        

        Enter location coordinates and receive the latest available satellite picture of that location.


    Postcard Geography

Project designed to educate students about geography & culture by using postcards & the internet  to communicate with other classes around the world.


    The Congo    Interactive adventure trek through the Congo.



                                                        South Pole  -  Virtual tour of the South Pole.


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