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   U.S. Government Manual 2000/2001
Provides information on the legislative, judicial and executive branches.
Central access point for over 20,000 U.S. government sites.
   Access America for Students   Student gateway to the U.S. government.
   GovBot   Database of government & military web sites.
   Federal Judiciary Homepage    Functions as a clearinghouse of information.
   Official U.S. Executive Branch Web Sites   
List includes links to executive departments & independent agencies.
   U.S. Legislative Branch
Collection of resources on congressional members, organizations, schedules and more.
   Thomas:  Legislative Information 
Full text of legislation, the Congressional Record and committee information.
   Welcome to the White House
   United States Senate
   Supreme Court of the U.S.
   Supreme Court Decisions
   Abbreviations & Acronyms of the U.S. Government
   FedWorld Information Center
Central access point for locating & acquiring government information.
   Congressional Contact Web Site
   Heads of State in all Countries of the World
   Constitutions of the World
   U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service
   National Constitution Center
Students can enter their zip codes and find out who their government representatives are.
   User's Guide to the Declaration of Independence
   Virtual Congress
   Election Co-nection



     Provides support for learning economics in all forms and at all levels.



     Links to economics resources & data.


    Young Investor Web Site

     Designed to teach students about banks, money and investing.


    Consumer Education for Teens

       From the Washington State Attorney General's Office.


    American Stock Exchange



        Enter the symbol or name of a stock and get latest quote.


    What is a Market Economy?


    Economic Glossarama

       Glossary containing over 1,000 economic terms and concepts.


    Economists' Links

      More than 700 economics resources.



    Nobel Prize Winners

        Listed alphabetically.



        Lessons & resources that show how to look for hidden messages -  includes worksheets.


    Law-related Education

        Provides training & projects for teens to actively lead in reducing crime.


    Global School House

        Brings online content & tools for collaborative learning.


    Connecting Students

        To assist teachers by locating web sites worthwhile for students to visit & participate in.


    Teachers' Corner

        Lesson plans, thematic units & other resources.



        Online learning for school & home.



        Create a virtual classroom & interact with students in an enhanced learning environment.  Teachers and students can post courses online, take exams, form study groups & conduct live chatroom tutoring.

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