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World War II: The Home Front.
An educational web site building contest. It contains a timeline, artifacts museum and a family simulation.

Port of Entry: Immigration.
Students will assume the role of historical detective and search for clues to America's past. They will investigate photographs and eyewitness accounts of immigrant life in America.

Economics Teacher Resources.
Stock Market lessons, activities and Educational Standards.

EconomicsMinute Online Activities.
Online lessons that help students explore the economics behind the new of the week.

Colonial Kids
Celebration of life in the 1700s, including interviews, games, videos & other activities.

History of America - 1780
The state of America, England & France after five years of war.

History Haven
Provides an overview of American History from colonial times through the Reagan years.

America's Library
Stories of America's past.  Meet amazing Americans, explore the states and read about everyday life.

American Experience
Features a range of people and events in American history from Hawaii's last queen to Joe DiMaggio, from WWI to Vietnam.

Stand up For Your Rights
An overview of the struggles for religious freedom, women's rights and desegregation.

New Deal Network
Educational guide to the Roosevelt administration and the Great Depression.

New Perspectives on the West
Illustrated introduction to the people, places and events for which America's western frontier is known.

EyeWitness To World War Two
Eyewitness accounts of soldiers and civilians.

Lest We Forget:  World War II
Essays, pictures, timelines & speeches.

The American Experience:  Guts and Glory
Interactive timeline, a look at key military and political leaders, and first-hand accounts.

Aleutian World War II National Historic Area
Story of the islanders evacuated by the U.S. government after Pearl Harbor.

George C. Marshall
Introduces the man behind the Marshall Plan, the strategy that reshaped Europe after the war.

World War II:  the Pacific Theatre
Summary of the war in the Pacific, timeline, photographs, articles and interviews with veterans.

America at War
Explores the causes and effects of WWII.

World War II
Information on the conflict from its origins and final outcomes, including a biography of Adolf Hitler.

Pearl Harbor
Describes where Pearl Harbor is, how long the U.S. has been using it as a military harbor and the Japanese attack.

World War I Archive
Photographs, links, articles and related resources.

The Great War
Maps and images of Eastern Europe, interactive timeline, historian interviews and other resources.

World War I
Virtual tours, eyewitness accounts, articles and overviews of each stage of the war.

World War Web
Identifies events that led up to the war.  Features key political figures, weapons used and the aftermath of the conflict.

Salem Witchcraft Trials

William Henry Jackson
Frontier photographer and artist.

Sitting Bull

Tatanka Yotanka (Sitting Bull)

Battle of Little Big Horn

Little Big Horn History

Underground Railroad

World War I

American Involvement in WWII

Normandy: 1944

The Vietnam War

Battlefield:  Vietnam

Explorers of the World

Electronic Embassy

The White House

Primary Sources Network

At the Capitol

Hyper History Online

The First World War
Timeline of the war, a look at the political and military leaders, an outline of major offensives and more.


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