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Louisiana was the 18TH state admitted to the union on April 30, 1812.  The official flag of Louisiana consists of a blue field with the coat of arms of the state, the pelican feeding its young in the center, with a ribbon beneath it containing the motto of the state, "Union, Justice and Confidence."  It was adopted by an Act of Legislature in 1912.

State Government

Louisiana's government has three branches -- legislative, judicial and executive.  The legislature is composed of a Senate of 39 members and a House of Representatives of 105 members.  Members of both houses are elected to four-year terms.

Executive power is vested in the state's elected officials:  governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, treasurer, commissioner of agriculture and forestry, commissioner of insurance, and commissioner of elections and registration.  All these officials are elected to four-year terms.  Our executive officer is Governor Murphy James "Mike" Foster, Jr.  M.J. "Mike" Foster was inaugurated as Louisiana's 49TH governor since the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  He is now serving his second term as governor.

Originally established by the Louisiana Constitution of 1921, Louisiana's judicial power resides in a state supreme court, courts of appeal, district courts and other lesser tribunals as provided by law.  The supreme court has general  supervisory jurisdiction over all courts.  Courts of appeal have appellate jurisdiction over appeals from justices of the peace and certain minor courts.  Judges in Louisiana are elected except where they are temporarily appointed to fill vacancies.

State Capitol


Louisiana has the tallest state capitol in the United States.  The building is 450  feet tall.  A virtual tour of the Louisiana state capital can be taken by clicking on this link:  tour

State Songs

Louisiana has two official state songs, "Give Me Louisiana" and "You Are My Sunshine."  In addition, Louisiana has an official march, "Louisiana My Home Sweet Home," and an official environmental song, "The Gifts of Earth."

State Pledge of Allegiance

The official pledge of allegiance for the state was adopted in 1981 and reads as follows:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the state of Louisiana and to the motto for which it stands;        A state, under God, united in purpose and ideals, confident that justice shall prevail for all those abiding here."

State Flower

The large magnolia tree with its white blooms was designated the state flower in 1900 because of its abundance throughout the state.

State Bird

The brown pelican is Louisiana's official bird.  Pelicans are famous for their large bills, the lower portion of which has a pouch that can be greatly extended.

State Tourism

Louisiana has recently been designated on the the top 9 destinations list.  It has many interesting festivals, events, and attractions that draw visitors year round.  Louisiana has an easy-to-navigate web site for information on tourist attractions, places to stay, where to eat, history, heritage and much more.



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